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CR. The encounter level of this creature, when encountered alone. The CR includes all followers and mounts.

Wealth. The amount by which the wealth on page 58 of the DMG (Table 2-44) will be multiplied. This cash amount is used to determine what equipment the NPC can afford. For those wishing to impoverish their PCs (you know who you are), an approximation of the wealth table on page 170 of the DMG (Table 7-2) can be had by using a wealth value of .33.

Magic Damper. The amount by which wealth is divided when magic items are being purchased.

Race. Core PHB races are the standard races at the front of the player's handbook. Core PHB + subraces includes the various subraces of the standard races (e.g. derro for dwarves). Monstrous is anything else, but also includes evil subraces.

Gender. Hopefully this is self evident.

Alignment. This should be pretty straightforward.

Class #. PC classes are those from the PHB. NPC classes are those from the DMG. Prestige classes have not been implemented. The levels input for each class will override the CR.

Hit Pts. The method used to determine hit points. Standard roll means that the dice are rolled straight up. Average is as per the method used in the core material (e.g. 1d8 gives 4 hp).

Stats. The method used to determine stats. The stat buys use the rules presented in the DMG, page 19-20.

Stat Order Override. A ranked list of the best stats, from best to worst. Use the capital letters from the following list: Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, cHa. Thus, for a character with Charisma for his highest stat and Dexterity as second highest, you would input HD.

Clr Dom#. If the character is a cleric, what domains this character should have. Randomly generated domains will take alignment into consideration.

War Dom Weap. If the character is a cleric and has the war domain, what is the favoured weapon.

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