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NPC Generator Revision History

In general, I have made an effort to take into account the effect of items that are 'always on'. These have been marked with an apostrophe.

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Please mail comments/suggestions to birched [at] hailscape [dot] com.

October 24, 2006
- There is a discussion at a thread on the wotc forums for suggestions and comments as I consider the form a 3.5 generator will take.
October 22, 2006
- Fixed bug where the generator did not function if 'www.' was omitted from the url.
October 21, 2006
- The pages are now strictly XHTML compliant.
October 19, 2006
- Numerous changes to the implementation of the web page, and very few to the script.  Got rid of frames, which the google search engine was completely ignoring.  Also, have been thinking about doing a 3.5 generator again, and wanted to see where things stood.
- I also reset the logs.
August 31, 2006
- Changed site hosts and the scripts were encountering some difficulties.  Most things seem to be working fine now.  Please report problems to the email address on the page, and I'll try to deal with them in a timely manner.
March 18, 2006
- FYI: I'm playing with google ads as a way to generate revenue to keep this site up.  Total donations in the past 2 years : $0.  Total promised revenue from google ads over 3.5 months : app. $8.  A big thank you still to the 7 contributors that helped early on to get this site of the ground, to the tune of $86 between August 2003 and January 2004.
- WTOC has apparently deleted some old threads.  The google cache for the most recent discussion thread for this generator can be found here.
March 29, 2005
- Fixed maintenance scripts and added public link to check site usage.
March 27, 2005
- Moved site to http://www.hailscape.com pending a server change expected during the summer (so, lots of warning).
May 11, 2004
- Fixed link to 'explanation of terms'.
May 10, 2004
- Fixed some problems due to a change in the host set up.  Let me know if there are problems.
- Changed the version number to 1.0.  People have reported very few problems, and it seems to run pretty smoothly.  Also, if I make changes, it'll be a new version for 3.5.
Aug 16, 2003
- WOTC hasn't extended any help, so I'm appealing to whoever finds this site useful.
Added a link at the bottom of the page to make a donation through paypal of any amount to whatever materials
you choose for the purposes of updating or extending this program.
Aug 12, 2003
- added a name parameter, not currently available from the web page, for linking to a web-based town generator
July 8, 2003
- added some instructions
June 18, 2003
- added mounts
- adjusted the magic damper such that it no longer affects the purchasing of MW items
- added calculation of spell focus school
- fully implemented simple and martial weapon proficiency feats
- fixed random alignment incompatibilities with random classes
- added statbuy points as a method to select npc stat strength
- added subraces
- fixed a bug that allowed weapon proficiency feats when another class already gave the proficiency
- a couple of other small bug and typo fixes
June 14, 2003
- tightened up the web page form
June 6, 2003
- fixed small bugs in weapon output, weapon special ability selection, weapon selection, and a few other things
June 3, 2003
- added a wealth multiplier
- added a magic dampener
- fixed random CR bug
June 2, 2003
- cleric war domain and racial weapon focus now work
- added BAB and UBAB to output
- added a lot of new options for random NPC creation
June 1, 2003
- fixed a bug with multiclass fighter feat selection
- minor changes to output
May 30, 2003
- added pre-picked random seed for easier error reporting
May 21, 2003
- added option to override the ranking of ability scores
- added option to give increased hp to npcs
- reformatted output to close to "standard"
- small revisions of web page
May 19, 2003
- finished implementing monks
May 17, 2003
- added "framed" version so that the input and output windows can be viewed simultaneously
- restricted random alignment generation by class (note:  class combinations that cannot be reconciliated
will resolve to the most restrictive alignment)
- took into account barbarian fast movement
- fixed a bug with barbarian armor selection
- fixed a bug affecting elves with a class with martial weapon proficiency
- changed the output font so that it is more compact
May 16, 2003 - put v0.9b online
Planned changes:
- error checking for bad data
- possibly take out auto selection of +stat gear, unless required for spell casting
- add up mass of eq and put in mass effects
- ranger favoured enemies
- enhance 1 head at a time of 2-headed weapons
- allow mages to buy armor with a low probability of causing misfires (if proficient) (currently they buy it if they know still spell)
- familiar effects
- allow more than 2 weapon focuses
- fix racial weapon focuses
- fix overspending bug
- pick weapon if weapon proficiency or focus pre-exists
- deal with cleric weapon (war domain)